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glimpse into the culinary event
in Amsterdam

Hey family! Jacky here! 

With great pleasure I want to share my journey to Amsterdam to represent Aruba in a culinary journey! invited me to cook for an a Caribbean Plant Based brunch menu to enhance our culinary scene of our One Happy Island.

How did It even happen?
In our darkest period when COVID hit the island, The Little One Events had to closed for 1 year and a half as we couldn’t host any; events, weddings etc. Two weeks before COVID, we started our sister company picnic Aruba.
We almost lost everything. But because we are always creative, we started selling food from our event food truck. 

Sharmin asked Rudolfo (a dear client who ordered offend) for a female chef who could bring the Aruban culinary cuisine in a plant based brunch.

When I received the invite, I thought it’s a scam…!
As I didn’t apply for anything, but after a zoom call the endorphins were up to a 100x as It was a super cool challenge as well as an honor!

And this is how the adventure started!
It was my first time visiting Amsterdam and nervous for a big city and next level culinary scene, I had the pleasure to work with a great & fun Sous chef Chana Trouwloon from Colima in Amsterdam .
We went exploring all this different Toko’s in Amsterdam and 
we started cooking.

The event went fantastic! 

Team work makes the dream work, thank you all!


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