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He is an adventurous little guy.

She is an energetic little lady.

This is our little family and together,

We are eager to host you.

Houten Raamkozijn
Maarten sharing a drink he prepared

After six years of working in the restaurant industries of Dubai, Barcelona and The Netherlands, Maarten was searching for his next adventure.

In 2016, he packed up his belongings, including his 50-year old Volkswagen van, and moved to the island of Aruba.

He had built the vintage red van with his father. LOLA, as they named her, was used as a coffee bar in the Netherlands.

Once in Aruba, Maarten and LOLA would pull up to parking lots and sell smoothies and acai bowls to the adoring public.

Passersby would stop to admire the eyecatcher and, in no time, Maarten began to receive bookings for LOLA to appear at beach parties, weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and even divorce parties!

One day, as Maarten was setting up LOLA at a culinary event, he heard a cheerful voice asking for the owner of the red VW van.

Jacky, the little lady behind the voice, happened to own a Silver VW beetle of her own and was thinking about painting it in the same retro red as LOLA.


As they talked paint color codes, they also swapped digits and a romance was born.

Jacky showing the food she prepared

Story Time


Their love for vintage cars was not the only thing they had in common.


Aside from a similar taste in music and a burning desire to travel the world in a van, Maarten learned that Jacky was a passionate culinary artist who strongly believed food should be fun and exciting. In 2016, she obtained a Culinary Arts degree with a specialization in Vegetarian & Vegan food. 


Having worked as a bartender and waitress at the Sopranos Piano Bar in Aruba, as well as a line cook at the award-winning Kitchen Table by White, Jacky had gained both front and back of the house experience in the hospitality industry.

The two quickly realized that if they were to combine their passion for hospitality, something magical could happen.

Magic whispered in their ears when they heard about an owner of an ocean blue VW van who had placed the vintage ride up for sale. Immediately they thought, “Let’s turn it into a photo booth!”, and that is how LUCY was born.

After a year of rolling with LOLA and LUCY from one party to the next, the by then married couple continued to bring their crazy ideas to life. It occurred to them how boring wedding toasts can be and decided to spice these up with a prosecco bar on draft: enter BELLA.

They also dreamed of saving parties from lonely mobile phones posing as DJs stuck to bulky speakers, so they adopted ROCKABILLY — the last Wurlitzer jukebox of its kind.

As they kept popping out wild ideas, the family continued to grow with BEETHOVEN, OTTO, SUZIE, CUNUCU, and, it’s safe to say that, by the time you read this, the two will most likely be expecting a new family member.

That is how The Little One grew into a family that caters to the details of your celebration to create unique experiences.

From the hassle-free set up of our creative concepts, to our top-notch service with a smile, our special welcome drinks.

Chef Jacky’s creative and fresh cuisine and the customized décor and ambiance — we are committed to delivering passion to your special event on this One Happy Island.


In the heart of our neighborhood, a story of love and joy unfolded six years ago—a story that began with a dog in desperate need of a lifeline.

Our neighbor's furry friend, once a picture of neglect, found his way into our lives, and little did we know that this chance encounter would blossom into a tale of happiness, celebration, and unbreakable bonds.

Six years ago, he carried the scars of a difficult past. Without hesitation we opened our doors and hearts to Coco, determined to be the change he needed. What followed was nothing short of magical....

Today, he is not just a pet; he is a cherished member of our family. His infectious happiness knows no bounds, especially when it comes to celebrations.


What truly sets him apart is his love for celebrations.

Coco is the first to join the festivities and beach parties are the place to be.

He has mastered the art of being the life of the party, charming everyone with his friendly demeanor.

We proudly stand behind the initiative to adopt dogs, fostering a commitment to responsible pet ownership and supporting the joyful connections that arise from giving loving homes to these wonderful companions.


HEY, did you know you could have puppies at your wedding?!

Your guests could be hugging puppies while your taking pictures!

Support your favorite local rescue center and celebrate with your four legged friends on your unforgettable day!

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